• Zawaadi

    When Mustafa brought Zawaadi home, in Kileleshwa, September 2015, we did not know that she was pregnant. She was so active and loving.

  • with Chaapo

    In October she started behaving oddly. She dug up small trenches in the fence and would hide under the plants. One rainy night I heard low moans and yelps. She had given birth to five tiny pups. Carrying them one by one in her mouth she brought them to her kennel.

  • close watch

    All the puppies fed on her but one by one she shunned feeding them. We tried feeding them ourselves but in a week four died to our dismay. Only one survived and that was Chaapo.

Zawaadi with her newly born pups.

  • Chaapo loved to be hugged

  • He explored the rooms but he was not welcome there as he would pee anywhere.

  • He was a curious bundle of joy.

  • Zawaadi wanted to sit in the lap too.

  • Posing for the camera...sweet Chaapo

  • Biggy got a bit jealous sometimes but otherwise he was fiendly with Zawaadi and protective towards Chaapo.

Chaapo grew so fast, soon he was looking as big as the mom.

  • Copying the mom.

  • Chaapo would do exactly what Zawaadi did...even the scratching!!!

  • Waiting for the feed

  • Getting to know Biggy

  • Such a darling!

  • Mom and baby

  • playing together

  • resting together

The cat would jump onto a safe distance when Zawaadi and Chaapo yelped at her!

  • Looking after baby!

  • we are friends!

  • Even the birds can share our food!

  • In september 2016 we came to live in Nairobi West

  • our dear pets also had to get used to the new environment.

  • Checking out the place thoroughly!

They never liked cats. This cat was so frightened of the dogs that he climbed the tree in the compound to a top most branch and stayed there for two days. We had to call the K.S.P.C.A. personnel to come and rescue the poor scary cat.

  • Innocent visitor hated by the dogs!

  • Even this huge bird had to take flight!

  • Biggy to our chagrin died of old age on 8th December 2018

  • Biggy and Chaapo...loving moment!!

  • Chaapo...after a hair cut!!

  • In the twilight...Chaapo and his glittering eyes!

Zawaadi...after a flea bath....snoozing in the sun!!!





to be contd.................

  • Zawadi s back wriggling

  • 2nd March 2021 Tuesday

  • four cute puppies!

the two survivors...cuddling

poor chaapo waiting outside the closed door of the puppies room