Al-Hajj.....Video Clips

The Pilgrimage

The Azaan in Mecca

Escalator in the Mosque in Mecca

Tawaaf from the roof top

Aerial view of the Saiyee

The Saiyee Hall

To Minaa - day time

Minaa at night

The Tents


To Jamrah for Ramee

Tawaaf e Widaa


Minars and buildings

Masjid e Aisha

Road to Mecca

In the City of Mecca

Hilton Hotel, Mecca

Mid morning in Mecca

In Medina

Birds in Medina

Azaan in Medina at Fajr - I had fallen in the dim light and almost twisted my ankle but I managed to record the Call for prayers.

By bus to the Medina International Airport

Farewell to the Holy Land. ' O Allah, do not make this voyage of mine to your House, the last one ......' Amen