Dad's Home....Remembering our Parents

Rahein naa rahein hum, mehka kareinge buunke kali, buunke sabhaa, baghe waffaa mein.......

Around 1970 our parents bought this cute maisonette in Nairobi West......the area was quiet, peaceful, away from the hustle and bustle of the town. We were thrilled and enjoyed the long rides to and fro our schools, although it was tough for Dad to pick and drop us all attending different schools on the other side of town.....but he persevered!

After almost 50 years destiny brought me back to live in my Dad's house. Dad and Mum had departed to heaven long ago. All their children were married, with their own kids and....... problems! Most of the plants that Dad had planted with the help of Masila, were still there. The mango and Guava trees had been cut off  by the tenants but the memories remained!  

A historic picture of Dad with the great maestro Mehndi Hassan in this house in 1980.

Every leaf, every flower reminds me of Dad and Mum.  I look after the plants myself...watering, pruning, preening...... Cleaning the compound is no less to me than looking after the yard of a mosque. They are everywhere...outside,  inside the house.... 

Mum proudly stands near the huge banana bunch on the tree she planted herself.

The unforgettable morning glory sprouted again suddenly when I started watering the fence regularly.

Mum, Dad with our aunt Sakina who was always with them through thick and thin....She was a widow. With her son she had migrated to U.K. but always was there for us during our woes and happy times. She also departed to heaven a couple os years back. we all loved and respected her immensely.

The beautiful Jacaranda tree is still there....defying the adversities of flowers with full bloom of violet around October of every year!

Mum and Dad with their precious family.....Days gone by never return!!!!

Every flower here is a reminder of their love and care for us.

Dad with his pride....son and daughter who both qualified as medical doctors infront of the house and the gleaming Peugeot that got stolen soon afterwards......

Oh my God....the Golden Shower...I just couldn't has survived all these years!!

 Another historic picture of our friends infront of the house,,,,,,wonder where every one is now!!!

The red canopy of bougainvillea still adorns the top of the gate of the house.....when the wind blows the lovely flowers fall in the compound like a shower of blessings from heaven.... 

Mum with a tray of 'ludoos' welcomes guests during the house warming party!! 

The 'hardy' Geranium still flowering enthusiastically whenever it rains....

Mum and Dad with their beloved eldest sweet!!!!

There's not a day that does not remind me of them.....every flower brings back sweet memories!!! Mum and Dad.....I miss you sooooo much!!!!

  • rusty brown shelled snail

    Tiny haematite like beads are the eggs that develop into shells with snails snuggled inside during the rainy season

  • slimy, slow slug

    Such slugs leave a sticky gluey trail around the compound.....uuuugh!

  • well camouflaged chameleon

    Can you even see it?

  • succulents

  • beauty in unexpected places

  • fast spreading thorny bushes

  • kenyan paradise bird

    These beautiful birds make their nests in the tall trees, lay eggs and look after their chicks till they are big enough to fly.

  • a fledgling

  • little hungry chicks in the well camouflaged nest


01.01.2022 05:49


Really enjoyed reading this. They are a life-long motivation for ours and future generations. Thank you for putting this together!

01.01.2022 10:52


Thanks. Do check other pages on menu. Have a blessed new year.

22.03.2021 23:27

Tani Mirza

I cannot explain the the feelings I have a roused reading your well thought of articles. It’s almost as if I was there !
Every word is so emotional and nostalgic. Bless you.

23.03.2021 06:24


Dear Tani. Thanks. Do check out poetry and la cuisine. God bless you.

17.06.2020 12:25


check other pages on the menu. enjoy! bless you all!

08.11.2018 05:32


Sham. You are too good! Flowers and family and your touching comments!