Khallaji Najma

Khallaji Najma in front of her London house,

I remember Khallaji Najma as a robust, positive and beautiful person. 

She was a good friend to my mum, aunt and other ladies in Nairobi.

Dad with Mr Sattar Chaudhary

Her husband, Mr Sattar Chaudhary was a sensible, straight forward smart man who was often present at our family gatherings. He was a man of few words, very strict and dignified. He with his family had migrated from Pakistan to Kenya in the 1950's. 

Shahida during her secondary school days.

Their eldest daughter was Shahida, a class-mate of my elder sister at Duchess of Gloucester school in Pangani. She went to Kinnaird Colege, Lahore to graduate....almost the same time as my sister and the mid 1970's. She was a lovely girl who loved independance and progress in life. 

Rehana, Zahida, Safia,
Shama and Shaista all from Kenya at Kinnaird, Lahore. young and happy......

Jabeen, Shenaz and Zahida in our Nairobi west house

The younger daughter Zahida was very sweet and loving. They had two brothers, Tariq and Khalid who after school went to the U.K for further studies. 

Shama, Mujahid, Zahida, Shenaz, Safia, Ferdos.

We all used to visit their house in Pangani sometimes when the men of the families used to have get togethers to discuss politics and religion. The children played board games and enjoyed high teas that the mums prepared for us.

Khallaji Sakina, my mum Hamida, Khallaji Najma and Zahida in a saree.

Shama, Abda, Ferdos and Zahida.

Friends gathering at our house in Nairobi West.

Mr Aftaab was a very good friend of Mr Sattar,He with his wife and children went back to Pakistan around 1960.

Khalla Ramzana wife of Mr Bashir with her family and friend Bhaijan Chake.

All the children around 1957. Recognise anybody??????

Mombasa used to be the favourite hoiday place for most Nairobians. All friends woulds pack their families in their cars and travel happily for almost ten hours to the seaside town. Most people stayed at the guest house of Sakina Mosque and had a fabulous time at Bamburi beach, the light house and the markets of old Mombasa. Such memorable times!!!!

Mum, Dad and Mujahid in our Nairobi West home.

Mr Akram Niaz, wife Saeeda witj children Naeema, Khalid, Shahida and Bilal

Mr, Akram Niaz and his family were also good friends of Mr Sattar and all. We used to visit them at their house in Eastleigh and relish the famous lemonade made by the Grandmother. They left Kenya and settled in Pakistan.

My dad, mum and Uncle Sharif Lone.... a good friend of Mr, Sattar

Our aunt Mrs Rabia in Nakuru....

Nazir lone son of Mr Sharif Lone, our
maternal uncle. He had a lot of positive impact on all the children

Khallaji Sakina and Khalla Nazir...also migrated to England.

Khalla Najma and her family went to Emgland in the mid 1970's. They settled very well there. All the children studied hard and also got married there. Tragedy struck when Shahida's husband, Omar passed on leaving their two children devastated. Soon after Mr Sattar also left this world for his heavenly abode. Khallaji Najma was broken but atill kept her spirit high, But as destiny would have it she also passed on recently. May her soul rest in peace.

Tuesday 1st January2019

It was indeed a happy surprise when my sister Abda told me that Shahida and Zahida were in Nairobi and she would bring them to my house soon.

Zahida and Shahida in Nairobi West

They were on holiday with their children and grand children, enjoying the coast of beautiful Kenya. I was over-whelmed when they came to visit me on Wednesday, 2nd January, 2019.

Shahida,,,,strong, positive and loving as always!

We re-lived many past memories and remembered all our old friends and parents who were no longer with us. How time flies!!!!!

Zahida, Shama, Abda

We all shared heart to heart talk over tea and wished to be together longer but they had to go as their flight back to London was that night. Such unforgettable moments.....May God bless them and their families always.......

Tariq, Shahida, Khalid, Uncle Sattar and Khallalaji Najma

Khallaji Najma, Uncle Sattar, Khalid, Zahida, Tariq and Shahida 1962

Zahida's daughter and daughters-in-law.......recently....a bevy of beauties!

During Ramadhan 2019 the whole clan took part in a cycling marathon to raise funds for an Islamic Centre in London. Well done! Keep up the good work!!!

Once you have stayed in Kenya, you will always be a Kenyan at heart, wherever you are!!!!!


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Enjoy other pages as well. God bless you and family.

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Thank you shama for posting these latest pictures of our get together in Nairobi. It was such a pleasure to see you after a very long time. Hope to keep in touch now.