History in pictures IV

Monarchs of the National Parks

Kenya ......last century

  • elephant power

  • buffaloes migrating!

  • hippos cooling themselves

  • elegant ostrich

  • looking for prey

  • time to rest in the shade

  • in ngara

    Going to the cinema halls to see movies was a popular pass time.

  • in pangani

    There was a special ladies show every week....a haven for meeting old friends and catching up on gossip!!!

  • in town

  • in pangani

  • in town

  • Mombasa

    Necessary transport and fun for the children.

  • south coast

  • Mombasa

    Land mark for the favourite town for tourists.

  • Double decker, a common sight

  • Raw mango [keri] with salt and chilly...mouth watering treat!

  • Manual map...not google!!!

  • Railway track 1950

  • The train chugging away

  • Workers in the railway station

  • K I C C under construction

  • Nairobi at night

  • The famous Khoja Mosque

  • Nairobi Airport

  • Mzee Jomo Kenyatta with the iconic whisk

  • Main road, Nairobi


05.07.2019 08:51


Hey friends, thanks for sharing the old, old pictures.......bring back so many memories!