AgaKhanAcademy + Me

Devoted members of the Red Cross Society at the Academy.

The time that I worked at H.H.The Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi, was the best phase of my life. I was struggling to balance the three most important aspects of my being - to maintain the love and trust of my husband, to provide utmost care, affection and stability for my children and to have a progressive, satisfying teaching career.

AgaKhanAcademy + Me

Visit of Princess Zahra. Headmistress Mrs Neeru Hasham with the full staff.

I was always lucky to get a job as soon as I applied for it. The interview with the Headmaster, Mr. Rupani went on well and I was recruited on board, beginning of 1979 to teach Mathematics and Biology to various classes from Form 1 to 'O' and 'A' levels.

AgaKhanAcademy + Me

Shama Butt. Graduate of Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.

It was a co-educational school. I was a bit nervous and skeptical but as soon as I entered a class, I got positive vibes and the lesson would go on like a breeze.

AgaKhanAcademy + Me

Bachelor of Science in Botany and Zoology. Kinnaird College.

My lessons were well prepared but also spontaneous in class. Although I liked to be firm with my students, I tried to be understanding,too. I had the good of the children at heart and soon I won the confidence of my pupils who started having a good rapport with me, making my lessons enjoyable and constructive.

AgaKhanAcademy + Me

In the Laboratory

Paying more attention to the practical side of any subject encouraged the kids to participate with more interest and improved their skills.

  • Extra curricular Activities

    The M.U.N.[Model United Nations]at the UNEP headquarters, Gigiri, Nairobi.

  • M.U.N.

    The Academy brilliant debators and winners during the M.U.N. conference.

  • Railway Museum

    The children loved the educational trips that the teachers arranged for them.

  • Appreciation Tokens

  • Academy Dinners for the Staff

  • Choir singing the National Anthem at a social event.

AgaKhanAcademy + Me

Muneebah Butt,Nina Ribeiro,Shamim Fazal,Mr Sandhu, Ms Paracha, Shama Butt, Parvez Charania

Prize Days, Sports Days and Parents Days were rare ocassions but well organised by the staff members.

AgaKhanAcademy + Me

Mr Rupani had a habit of giving surprise visits to the classes. Sometimes especially after the break, you would fine the 'extra' student sitting at the  back of your class, observing and taking mental notes of the happenings in the lesson. I found him to be a thorough gentleman, polite, understanding and efficient. He had a charming personality and was very social. He had a good rapport with the pupil and sometimes gave them chocolates!!

  • Friends for ever

    Shamim, Shama, Muneebah, Habiba, Gurmeet, Akmal.

  • Shamim Fazal with her student.

  • trip to Museum

    The teachers arranged trips to Charity Homes, National Parks, Nairobi Shows and even by train to Mombasa.

  • My children

  • Both of my kids were born while I was at the Academy. It was difficult looking after them, dropping and picking them from school, cooking meals, helping them with their homework and preparing for the next day's lessons.

  • But all the toil was a small price to pay for the pleasure of seeing the children grow and flourish in their endeavours.

  • Socialising

    Mrs Divecha, Emily Pinto, Mrs Versi, Shama Butt, Shamim Fazal and student.

  • Gulzar, our student serving others

  • Shamim Fazal with an exchange program student whom she hosted in her house.

  • Shamim Fazal

  • with her 'daughter'

  • and good friends!

  • Home Support

    for the working woman

  • my mum, dad and aunt....were always there for me...looking after the kids or picking and dropping me whenever I worked late.

  • Indispensable help! Laali, Masila, John, Anne.

AgaKhanAcademy + Me

After Mr Rupani left, we had a number of Headmasters over the next ten years. There was Mr Norris with his yellow sports car. He had great ideas for the development of the school. The computer age had begun and our school became one of the first ones to excel in the new technology. We used to go to train teachers in other schools. Then we had Mrs. Hasham under whose wise jurisdiction, the school progressed a lot. The school expanded and improved in all spheres of education. Sadly Mrs Hasham left us and Dr Pragnell came on board. That was the time when teachers started looking for greener pastures as many new schools had cropped up in Nairobi and they were 'poaching' good, experienced teachers from other schools. I always avoided taking part in loose talk, rumours and politics of the I, too, left the Academy. I worked in other schools but always had a soft spot in my heart for the Aga Khan Academy.



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Zahra Madha

You were my favorite biology teacher. I never forgot you😊

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You are so kind. Do see other pages on menu. You will enjoy. Bless you. Luvv.

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Parminder Singh

Thank you for sharing this!

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