Oreo Cooky Beloved

Oreo and Cooky....
7 months old.
Notice their colours and you will appreciate their names!!!!

February 2021

Zawadi and Chaapo

The Corona menace was in full bloom. Night curfew was on and gatherings or outings were restricted. Everyone was supposed to wear masks, sanatize and get vaccinated. Restricted to the house I occupied myself with preening the plants in the compound and pampering our doggies Zawadi and Chaapo. 




to be cont........

  • Zawadi was waddling around

    She would enter the store and climb the sofa there and sleep. I thought she was cold and found the place comfortable

  • She seemed chubbier than before

    She was less active and very quiet.

  • She started behaving a bit odd

    She would lie on her back and wriggle. I was naive. I thought she was just trying to scratch her back.

3rd March 2021

Zawaadi with her four little pups. They all were white with blobs of black fur. Zawaadi preened them and let them have her milk.

It was a cold morning. Zawaadi was just cuddled up on the sofa in the store. She had vomited the previous night so I had called  their Vet to come and check her. Anyway both the doggies were due for their baths and grooming. When he entered the store to see Zawaadi he called me loudly to come quickly. I was amazed to see a tiny ball of a puppy that Zawaadi had given birth to. There was another one on the way. Oh my God, I never guessed that the sweet Zawaadi had been pregnant the past few months......that was the reason for her strange behviour! Earnest stayed on as she gave birth to two more tiny pups. My son was really surpriseded and excited. He immediately prepared a big cardbox carton by cutting and lining it with soft cloth to keep the mum and babies. We didn't want them to topple over the sofa.

  • We were so happy that we would have four little pups. But to our chagrin one was very weak and Zawaadi rejected him and he died. My son had to dig a hole in the back garden, bury it and keep a big stone on the spot so that a cat would not be able to get it.

  • After a couple of days another pup stopped making an effort to feed on the mum's milk and passed on. We were very sad and my son had to bury the little blob with a very heavy heart. We prayed for the other two pups.

  • The two healthy pups were active. They had their mum's milk and tried crawling around. Because of their beautiful colours we named the girl Oreo and the boy Cooky.

  • a month old

  • always together

  • cuddling for warmth

Oreo and cooky were healthy and strong. They started standing up and walking around their box. They also started squeaking....tiny barks!!

  • Out of the box!

    We cleared the room of everything except a sofa.

  • They were growing so fast there was no space for the mom!

    They could walk now and yelp a little.

  • They liked to explore the floor of their room.

    Oreo was usually in the forefront and cooky followed her around the room.

  • Chaapo with the neck collar

    The vet said this would be the best time to get Chaapo 'fixed'. He would not disturb Zawaadi or the little pups.

  • He didn't like it as it hindered his eating and drinking

    He was allowed into the house and slept on a soft blanket in my son's room. He loved the extra care and love. He had to wear the collar for about six weeks.

  • It was uncomfortable but Chaapo was brave.

    My heart went out to him. I was not for the idea of 'fixing' as I thought it was unnatural and cruel but finally I had agreed to the logic. The vet carried out the procedure on a table in our back yard. Chaapo healed well.

The sweeties got their required jabs and responded well. We saw a flea on them and had to get a lotion appropriate for such young pups. I managed to get it from a pharmacy in the Well Mall, Karen.

They liked to explore each nook and corner of the room. One day both of them started shivering and wobbling on the floor. We nearly panicked as we loved them soooooooo much and did not want to lose them. We called the vet and he came very fast. He gave them injections immediately. He said they could have licked something on the floor and got slight poisoning. They were still having their mum's milk. They had vomited in the mornimg. That night my son spent with them in their room. He didn't sleep a wink and kept them both in his lap most of the time. They had calmed down and responded well to the medication. The vet visited again in the morning and was satisfied they were better. The worst was over and miraculously they had recovered fast. I cried with relief!!!!

  • Oreo loved to sit on the sofa with the mom.

  • Zawadi was climbing higher and higher!!

  • Cooky and Oreo loved the minced chicken they were getting now. They also liked the soup. The mom's milk was not enough now.

Oreo and Cooky introduced to chicken soup. They loved it and licked the plate clean!

  • Eyeing the meal

  • Cooky a bit scared to make the first move

  • Finally sharing happily

Both the pups were healthy and growing fast. The mum was also leaving the room for longer periods but returned immediately on hearing their squeaks.

The pups are now ten months old. They want to be out of their room and explore the back yard.

  • model Oreo

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