St Austins Academy

Ndovu Lane....entrance to the Primary section of St. Austins Academy

St Austins Academy

Security at the gate of the primary section

  • Mr Hal Gee, the principal of the Academy. This is the secondary side of the school.

  • Some of the staff during a casual meeting

  • Staff members at the end of term dinner.

Assembly time...primary students

the children were encouraged to enact short plays and skits.

The teacher ensuring proper delivery of the presentations.

The annual swimming gala at the pool in the school. This was a much awaited occasion.

The kids enjoying their water games and swimming races.

The proud parents also attended the gala to witness their children swimming.

The fancy dress competition....another favourite item during the Prize Day

The Science Fair....The A level students with their teacher in the Biology Laboratory

Some of the staff at the Academy

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